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You Can't Handle the Malt! Wine & Cider

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It's crazy to imagine, but some people don't exclusively drink beer. It's also unfortunate that a portion of the population can't drink beer- well we've got you covered. This set is all gluten free- wines from Oregon and Ciders from France!

The set includes one bottle/can each of:

Underwood - Pinot Gris, Oregon
Nice crisp Pinot Gris- perfect for the upcoming Summer weather. Pair with an apple and arugula salad.

Underwood - Rose, Oregon
Just shy of dry - lots of watermelon fruit flavors. Good for isolation chugging on your balcony.

Underwood - Pinot Noir, Oregon
Pinot is the hardest grape to make into wine at an affordable price- this is one of the best budget Pinots out there. Light bodied with raspberry and strawberry fruits.

Wignac - Cidre Naturel
Wignac - Rose Cidre (Contains a small portion of wine grapes for color!)
La Chouette - Cidre
La Chouette - Cidre Rose (The color comes from red fleshed apples!)

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