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7th Anniversary Meowsquerade Tickets

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  • 通常価格 ¥4,000

Mark your calendars for the very special Beer Cats' 7th Anniversary Meowsquerade!
The event will be held this month at Titans Friday the 30th, and Saturday the 31st.
As this event coincides with Halloween, we plan to use this opportunity to (safely) celebrate in style!

カレンダー登録必須! 今月10月30・31日の2日間、Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shopで開催。

Event Schedule:


15:00-18:30 Open Session (Non Reserved)
19:00-22:00 'Erotic Masquerade' (Reservation Only)
*Ladies ¥4,000 / Gents ¥4,500
13:00-15:00 Open Session (Non Reserved)
15:00-17:00 (Reservation Only) ¥3,000
17:15-19:15 (Reservation Only) ¥3,000

*Open (non reserved) sessions held on Friday from 15:00~18:30 & Saturday from 13:00-15:00
*Friday's Erotic Masquerade will be an adult-themed event, Kindly leave your inhibitions at the door.
*Masquerade attire strongly recommended - masks will be provided free of charge.
We are limiting attendance in accordance with Covid prevention guidelines.