Fresh Sailors Grave Mix

  • セール
  • ¥7,800
  • 通常価格 ¥8,450

Sailors Grave Brewing is at its heart a farmhouse brewery located on the banks of the Snowy River in a 100-year-old butter factory in the township of Orbost East Gippsland- almost 400 km from Melbourne.

Their beers are unique, compelling, and sometimes challenging- however they always possess nuance, subtlety, and complexity. They make artisanal beers that explore an ever-changing selection of styles utilizing a diverse array of farmed and foraged ingredients that showcase the local terroir and history of the pristine wilderness they call home.

Biru(ビール) - Sake Kasu w/ Satsuma Plum 355ml
Signals - Native Ginger & Cinnamon Ale 355ml
Lemon Meringue - Cream Sour 355ml
Dark Emu - Dark Lager 355ml
In the Rip - Wet Hop Belgian Pale 355ml
Down She Gose - Gose w/ harvested sea salt 355ml
Rhubarb Harvest - Sour w/ Chardonnay Lees 355ml
The Bone Yard - Umami Ale (not vegetarian!) 355ml
Original Sin - Snakebite (lager w/ wild apple Juice) 355ml

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